MapAction charity bike ride

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I know there seems to be a rash of charity bike rides around at the moment but I am doing Paris – London this weekend to raise money for MapAction – the charity I volunteer for. Funds raised pay for maps and consumables that we make during disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Please make […]

Setting up a legacy scanner with a shiny new Mac

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The problem is how to get an old HP ScanJet 3400c (c. 2000) scanner working with a MacBook running OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard. Annoyingly I did all this once about 6 months ago but since my Mac got nicked and I didn’t make any notes I’ve now got to remember how to do it […]

Tilt Shift in Aperture

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I keep coming across amazing tilt shift images. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a photographic technique for creating a shallow depth of field (using lenses or digital post-processing) and can be used to turn a suitable photo into a fake miniature. There are many ways to do this using the digital post-processing route […]

Stockholm -> London Overland

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OK, so it’s not the most daring of overland journeys ever undertaken but then it’s not a journey most people would ever have to do overland. The Ryanair flight should’ve taken 135 minutes and cost £80, we did it in exactly 48 hours at a cost of £500 per person.

Night O!

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Night O is the deviant branch of standard orienteering. Tonight it involved navigating around Hampstead Heath in the dark and the pouring rain with nothing but a headtorch and a compass. Now, I’ve been orienteering since I was a teenager and I love it but until tonight I’d never done a night event. Navigation skills […]

Running down Mt Tahtali, Turkey

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Last September we went on a beach holiday to the Turkish village of Çiralı. Before going I’d had a quick Google to see if I could get into the nearby mountains easily and Mt Tahtali (Tahtalı Dag or Mt Olympos) seemed the best option. Found in the Bey Mountains in the western branch of the […]

Wordle My Facebook … what?

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I saw a friend had a tag cloud on his web page of all his 2009 Facebook status updates. So, here’s mine. First, you need to get your word list. Go to this Facebook app and get the data, then strip out the date/time column in your spreadsheet program (I used OpenOffice) and finally paste […]

OS Ireland Mapping Portal

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I just found this rather brilliant mapping portal for Ireland. There’s nothing quite like this for the UK as far as I know – that shows all UK Ordnance Survey data layers in a viewer with historic mapping, orthophotos and links to buy maps. Is there?

freightliners cafe

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It’s a rare gem this cafe, really tasty light snacks at this really tiny cafe in a corner of a city farm. Sylvia had a bowl of pasta and I had gnocchi with pumpkin sauce, wild mushrooms and goats cheese. They serve a really nice cup of coffee and homemade cakes. Perfect with kiddies.

posh cupcakes

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So, bolstered by my success with the farmyard cupcakes here I apply the MasterChef treatment and pimp them up a bit with butter-icing, jellies, sweeties and shavings of Willie’s 100% Venezuelan Black (cacao not hash although … there’s an idea). Let me tell you, these were the first to sell-out at the bonfire night cake […]