Flickr / WordPress integration

So, now I have started using Flickr, I have the gnarly problem of integrating with my WordPress blog. Straightforward you may think given the number of plugins out there, but I have yet to find one that works as I want it. TanTanNoodles Flickr Photo Album looks like it might be the one if I […]

notes on climatic indices data is of bioclimatic indices (1960-90) from GHCN data? area of interest: 6 tiles 5-7 and 15-17 data come in 30 arc second cells, elevation from SRTM data what about interpolation? thin plate spline? these useful refs from Fleming MD, Chapin FS, Cramer W, Hufford GL, Serreze MC (2000) Geographic patterns and dynamics […]

Video of Sylvia Giggling

Some more video this month. Here are two shorts of her giggling. She hasn’t done this very much yet but the secret seems to be to snuffle into her chest whilst snorting like a pig, this makes her laugh and on one occasion laugh and be sick at the same time! Just in case the […]

First things first

Oh dear, once again the blog writing now seems to have slipped to fortnightly. Sylvia has now reached the magic three months mark – this means she is now sleeping through the night, reading Shakespeare, making us breakfast. Hmm not exactly but she is adorable. Anyway Sylvia has had a number of “firsts” over the […]

A-Z of the last two weeks

Somehow there’s not been enough time for a blog for two whole weeks and people have started commenting! I knew we were setting ourselves up for a hard task when we started with daily blogs. Here’s a quick round up of the last two weeks via an A-Z… A is for ‘Ackney which we visited […]