Summer is here!

IMG_0360.JPG So, the ad hoc blogging is more ad hoc than even I imagined. Anyway, the Hughes/Quinsee household is only days away from a much-needed break in the US. We’ll spend a day or 2 in Connecticut for 4th July and then head off to Block Island with Paul, Deb and Isobel. We just had a very sociable weekend and in the space of 4 days have seen Emma and Amy; Gary, Anne, Lotte and Henry & Howard, Mel and Emily for a trip to the zoo; sister-in-law Claire and Alex; Ellie and Emilia and brother Matt and Jules!

Today was one of the hottest days in London this year. Sylvia and I stopped by at Russell Square on the way home from nursery for a drink and play in the fountain. S is getting braver each time and today went right into the middle and got very wet. The square is very entertaining what with pigeons, doggies and squirrels. S also likes the flowers and calls out ‘pretty’ before grabbing a handful to take to her minders at nursery.

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