A walk in the park

Last night was similar to the night before with 2 hourly feeds. In the morning we had an amusing nappy changing incident when Susie (having just changed herself and Sylvia into pretty matching outfits) got covered in projectile poo and wee which I managed to capture on film (not for the sqeamish).

After a change of clothes we all went out for lunch to Coram’s Fields. This is a special childrens park and is on the site of the Foundling Hospital founded by Thomas Coram in 1739. It was good to get Sylvia in the sun for a bit of natural UV to banish the last remnants of jaundice. We carried her in her car seat as the buggy is still too big for her.

Later that day we had a visit from Antonia and in the evening Matt and Jules came for dinner and to meet Sylvia for the first time. Everyone says what long fingers she’s got, and that she will be a piano player!

It’s almost a week now but we can’t imagine life without our little daughter.

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