And they all lived nappy ever after …

Sylvia got plenty of sleep during the day before and so decided to test mummy and daddy’s resolve by waking hourly through the night for feeds and to be generally grumpy. Bless. Mummy has started hallucinating!

In the morning we got a visit from not one but three of the community midwives! Just one more visit from them and we will be discharged. They have been so lovely we will miss them. They weighed Sylvia on their portable scales and she was 2.7kg, a bit down on her birth weight but up on her weight from a week ago. After they had left we gave Sylvia a bath in her new baby bath / washing-up bowl which seemed to go down down quite well after the initial shock of being woken up and dunked in a bowl of luke warm water.

At lunch we all went up to the British Library cafe and sat out a shower before heading over to Nappy Ever After, a local real nappy scheme. We were given a demo of the nappies which are cotton with disposable liners and leakproof covers. The used cotton inserts are collected weekly and laundered centrally – the total environmental impact is significantly less than using disposables. We will give them a try and see what we think. Sylvia had a little bit of nappy rash today but we have stopped using wipes and try to keep her exposed as long as possible after changing so her skin can dry out. It seems to have worked. Perhaps that’s why she was a bit restless last night?

OK, time for my first parental rant on the subject of inconsiderate drivers. We had to cross the Euston Road twice today on pedestrian crossings and both times were stopped from crossing at the green man by lorry drivers and cars blocking the crossing as they tried to jump through the lights. One lorry driver (Parcel Force) actually mouthed at me to’ f*** off’ when I gave him a hard stare in his wing mirror. Another driver sped towards us as we were on the crossing and then braked hard. I’m sure this happened to me all the time before now but when you have your dearly beloved child about to be pushed out in front of a line of traffic you think again.

Sylvia has developed a knack of waking for a feed exactly as dinner is ready … almost as annoying as the ‘I’ve just been changed so now I will do a big messy poo’ habit.

Some more flowers arrived today, these from my boss at work – lovely thanks! Also in todays gallery are photos of the midwives changing (they offered honest!) and weighing Sylvia and of me enjoying my first pint since Sylvia was born.