Pink, pink pink!

We had a quite a good night (I think) with feeding at about 2 hour intervals and some sleep in between. Today was our first whole day together at home and we had visits from the community midwife and friend Jon and we went for a little walk round the block too.

Lots of presents today … we had some hand-delivered flowers from the florist round the corner and a big stack of parcels (so big that the postie had tied them together with string) with plenty of pretty pink clothes and lots of cards. We are overwhelmed by all the gifts and messages of support so thanks to everyone.

Sylvia still has a little jaundice but it is reducing. She also had her 2nd oral vitamin K drops. She will get her third and final dose in a few weeks time. The alternative to this is an injection at birth but we didn’t think Sylvia would appreciate being welcomed to the world by a needle so went for the oral drops.

She is now lying on her blanket in front of us wearing one of her new pink sleepsuits with hiccups … little high-pitched sqeaks, so sweet!

I don’t know about the other dads reading this but my emotions are running very high today. I keep welling-up at the silliest things, Susie is the same.

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