Looking at that face you could not believe the noise she makes at 1am in the morning. I am writing this at 1.23am and Sylvia has now been quiet (but not quite asleep) for 18 minutes … which seems like a long time!

I wasn’t going to write anything tonight but as I’m up I may as well. I am writing this whilst rocking the pram with my left foot, seems to be doing the trick. Sometimes when she is screaming and squirming, she’s just fed, nappy changed … you just wonder … what is it you want!? Then as if by magic you do something that has the desired effect, in this case (and still working at 1.29am) put her in her pram and rock her back and forth. But it might not work next time!

Susie is really tired after a night of disturbances last night and no nap today – hence I have brought Sylvia upstairs whilst Susie sleeps downstairs. We went along to Oxford St today to Mamas and Papas (great cafe!) and Gap Kids on Regents St (crap, hardly any baby stuff and no ramp into the shop!). It was quite tough getting the pram about on London’s pavements and combined with the lunchtime rush made for a rather unpleasant experience. I hate the West End at the best of times so don’t ask me! I can’t wait until she is big enough to carry about in the baby bjorn carrier her grandma bought us. Later on we had a surprise visit from Uncle Chris who came in for a cuddle and then later on friend Sarah who Sylvia managed to impress so much that she offered to babysit anytime! Hurrah!

I have taken the risky step of stopping rocking and the baby still sleeps. It’s a miracle, still asleep at 1.43am!

Night night.

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