Sylvia goes worldwide

Today Sylvia talked to her aunts, uncles, grandma June and cousins in Scotland and Christchurch, New Zealand on a Skype video link. She has also been in her new pram out to lunch with grandma Pat and to see Deborah the midwife at the hospital.

Understandably then she is very tired and is currently asleep in my lap as I type this with my right hand only. I am also drinking a cup of tea so who says men can’t multi-task! She keeps flinging her arms and legs out in a reflex action as if she was sky-diving in her sleep. I am trying to keep her asleep for as long as possible so that Susie can get a good nap.

Tonight at 8.44pm was exactly 1 week since her birth. They say a week is a long time in politics but it’s a bloody long time with a new baby! Todays developments are that she has begun to have periods of just looking around with wide eyes and quietly taking it all in. Before now her eyes never quite opened fully and she looked a bit lizardy!

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