Tapas … no thanks!

It was very hot in London today and after a bath (see photo of her in her new bunny towel) we took Sylvia in the pram to our new ‘mall’ (the Brunswick) for a coffee and some groceries. By the time we got home we realised that she had slept lots and fed little …

By late afternoon we were getting worried, although she seemed fine, just sleeping for Britain. A quick call to the ‘transitional’ unit at the hospital where we took her for her jaundice check-up put our minds at rest. It transpires that during the previous 24 hours I had managed to feed Susie a number of food items well known to cause upset tummies in babies who are breastfed … freshly squeezed orange juice, grapes, spicy tapas and garlic! Sylvia has had an upset tummy and been sleeping it off all day but now seems back to her normal self (i.e. awake when we are going to bed!).

Today Sylvia met Adrian my friend in California via Skype. He has just had a baby too (Martha, 5 months old) and so we had lots to talk about.

One of the photos in the gallery shows the ‘lanugo’ on Sylvias back … fine downy hair which covers her body. She will die of embarassment when she is older to know that she was born with a hairy back!

Going to be even hotter tomorrow.

One thought on “Tapas … no thanks!

  1. Brother!
    Tapas!! I can’t even get Claire to eat Tapas and she’s (fully) grown!! Something tells me you should NOT be in charge of your daughters diet…..
    Claire and ‘Bean’ are doing well. Nothing fits her any more, so I’m preparing to lose the few large T-shirts I still have left.
    Love you bruv, keep up the diary, we love it! Lets hear from Susie now and then!
    Peter (Grand Cayman)

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