venison dinner

I finally got around to cooking the venison from Devon this week. Ben, Jonny, Ewan, Matt and Tom came around – Matt took the lead on the cooking front (see photo).

It was a boys dinner but Susie came in later having been shopping. No venison for her though!

We prepared the meat at the weekend and I made a stock from the bones and loadsa veg. On the day of the dinner I marinated the vension meat in a mixture of veg, brandy and some secret ingredients … oh ok then, juniper berries.

The meat was then rolled in seasoned flour and Matt cooked it all up as a daube with lardons of bacon, mushrooms and shallots. The boys bought some fine wines and cheese and we all had a good feed. We finished off with a bottle of port that Susie and I bought in Porto about a year earlier – it was a bit special.

The venison was really tender and the sauce rich. I managed to save some for the hunter Jon who came to visit a few weeks later.

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