Week 8 – first smile :-) … ish

Sylvia is cuter than ever! She gave us her first smile this week (well, it was fleeting but we’re counting it OK?!) but she has been trying our patience during the evenings by taking ages to settle each night. We put her to bed at 7pm after a bath and once she settles she will sleep until about midnight for a feed then again until 4am so we are getting a fair amount of sleep!

Susie took Sylvia to the doctor this morning as we have found a small lump at the top of her legs on her left hand side. It turns out that she has an inguinal hernia which will require an operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital. So we are now awaiting an appointment with the consultant. The good news is that she is not in any pain and the operation should be quick. Sylvia won’t know anything about it … it will probably be worse for us! Later in the day Susie took Sylvia out in the baby bjorn on the bus to Oxford street – she is really taking to the baby bjorn and it makes life a bit easier for Susie. Susie went for her first swim in the evening since Sylvia was born.

No baby massage today as it is half term. We reserved Sylvia a nursery place starting from February. She will be going to nursery 2 full days and 2 half days per week when Susie goes back to work. Will require much organisation and discipline on our part as the nursery day starts at 7.30 for the half days and finishes at 1.00. In the afternoon Sylvia and Susie came to meet me on my way home from work in Russell Square and we went to the pub on the way home – of course only allowed outside!

Susie and Sylvia walked over to Senate House to meet Penny who was doing some research there into her family tree. They all came home with coffee and cake and spent the morning chatting. We had a quieter afternoon and Susie and Sylvia popped over to Waitroses to do a bit of shopping.

Sylvia had her routine hearing test and all was normal. Susie met her pregnant friend Anise at the EGA.

Sylvia gave mum and dad her first smile after a short outing in the BB to get coffee. We’re not sure what prompted it but whatever we tried afterwards we could not get her to do it again! Susie took S to meet Judith and Ella (see photo) at the National Portrait Gallery for lunch. Later we all went for dinner at Carluccio’s and I grabbed a pint at the Lamb with friends on the way home.

Bit of a grey day in London. We decided to go and see the Twilight exhibition at the V&A and so took buses 19 and heritage routemaster 9 to the Albert Hall and walked the rest. The exhibition was OK, a bit small but the forest photos by Chrystel Lebas were amazing. Walked back to Piccadilly through Hyde Park where there were lots of skaters doing their stuff.

Went to the Brunswick centre for coffee, Sylvia in the babybjorn. Today she has not slept as much as normal and we are now battling with an overtired baby who won’t sleep!

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