A-Z of the last two weeks

Somehow there’s not been enough time for a blog for two whole weeks and people have started commenting! I knew we were setting ourselves up for a hard task when we started with daily blogs. Here’s a quick round up of the last two weeks via an A-Z…

A is for ‘Ackney which we visited this weekend with Sylvia

B is for baby massage

C is for curry at our fab local curry house

D is for dinner, rarely eaten together these days and usually as quickly as possible

E is for Ewan who came for dinner last week

F is for friends, new ones who Susie has met recently

G is for Grobag, a brilliant invention for Sylvia to sleep in

H is for hand-me-downs gratefully received from lovely people

I is for ill, Sylvia got a bit of a snuffly cold this week

J is for John Lewis, never knowingly undersold and we love it

K is for kangeroo pose, feet in air and hands curled up on chest, how Sylvia sleeps sometimes

L is for Laura who came for lunch last week

M is for mimicing which Sylvia can do now, if you stick your tongue out at her she does the same back!

N is for Neal

O is for orange, the colour of Sylvia’s favorite outfit, her tiger suit!

P is for Paul, uncle, who came for a curry

Q is for quiet day, rare indeed

R is for reflex … startle reflex. Sylvia has the funniest scared little face when you pretend to drop her

S is for smile! Plenty of these now

T is for train journey. Sylvia has now made 6 trips by train.

U is for underfed, something Sylvia definitely isn’t!

V is for visits, keep ’em coming

W is for weight, 10lb 2oz to be precise (w is also for wind!)

X is for x-ray, something we hope we won’t need tomorrow when we take Sylvia to GOSH for her hernia appointment

Y is for York where we went last weekend

Z is for … zzzzzzzz, not enough of them!