what sex is our baby?

We are having baby soon but decided not to find out the sex. Lots of people come up to Susie and say ‘Oh yes, that’s a boy, you can tell by the way you’re carrying it’ … so, here I review the commonly-held wisdom regarding guessing baby sex.

Old Wives Tales

These are some I found on a web site about guessing your baby sex … Mum’s to be try and answer as many of these questions as possible. Is there any science behinds these things? I doubt it but it’s a bit of fun …

I am carrying the extra weight …
– out front (boy)
– around the hips and bottom (girl)

The hair on my legs is growing …
– more quickly than before I got pregnant (boy)
– the same as before I got pregnant (girl)

I am carrying my baby …
– high (girl)
– low (boy)

I sleep in my bed with my pillow to the …
– north (boy)
– south (girl)

My feet are …
– colder than before pregnancy (boy)
– the same as before (girl)

I …
– refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread (girl)
– prefer the heel (boy)

The Dad-to-be is …
– gaining weight right along with me (boy)
– is not gaining weight (girl)

My mother’s hair color is …
– gray (boy)
– not gray (natural or dyed) (girl)

I had morning sickness early in my pregnancy …
– yes (girl)
– no (boy)

I am looking …
– particularly good during pregnancy (boy)
– not so good (girl)

During pregnancy, my chest development has been …
– quite dramatic (girl)
– no too dramatic (boy)

The sum of the month of conception and Mum’s age is …
– even (boy)
– odd (girl)

Hang a thread with a needle over your belly. The thread moves …
– in circles (boy)
– from side to side (girl)

My urine is …
– bright neon yellow (boy)
– dull yellow (girl)

I have been craving …
– sweets (girl)
– salty or sour food (boy)

My nose has
– spread during pregnancy (boy)
– stayed the same (girl)

I have been craving …
– meats and cheese (boy)
– fruit (girl)

The baby’s heart rate is …
– above 140 beats per minute (girl)
– 140 or less (boy)

Mom’s feelings towards orange juice …
– yuk, hate it (boy)
– must have it every day (girl)

I am having headaches …
– yes (boy)
– no (girl)

My abdomen looks like a …
– watermelon (girl)
– basketball (boy)

If someone asks you to show them your hands, you …
– show them palm up (girl)
– show them palm down (boy)

I pick up a mug by the …
– handle (boy)
– body of the mug (girl)

So there it is, how did you do?

… and let’s not even talk about Chinese lunar calendars … we tried that on two websites and each gave a different answer!

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