First things first

Oh dear, once again the blog writing now seems to have slipped to fortnightly. Sylvia has now reached the magic three months mark – this means she is now sleeping through the night, reading Shakespeare, making us breakfast. Hmm not exactly but she is adorable. Anyway Sylvia has had a number of “firsts” over the past two weeks, so her highlights are listed below (as captured by Susie and in no particular order!)…

– Sylvia’s first trip to Devon. We are currently staying with Grandma June in Newton Abbot. Sylvia enjoyed her train journey and slept well after being exposed to the Devon air.

– First meeting with cousins Ellie, Dan and George and Uncle Jon and Aunty Kath. We had a walk up Haytor on Dartmoor (so Sylvia’s first trip on Dartmoor) with Ellie, Dan, George and Kath – it was extremely windy so Sylvia had to be wrapped up tight. We all then went to the Rock Inn for lunch to warm up.

– First trip to the National Portrait Gallery. My friend Sue came to stay and we visited the Tudor and Stuart galleries at NPG. Sylvia liked spending time with Sue and can’t wait to visit her in New Zealand (when Sue moves there in February).

– First trip on the tube. I took Sylvia on the tube (much to Mike’s disgust!) when we went to the homeopath. Sylvia didn’t seem that impressed and fell asleep straightaway.

– First visit to the osteopath. We decided to take Sylvia to the osteopath after all the problems we have had with her settling in the evenings. When we were in Morocco earlier this year we met a newly married couple who were both osteopaths and the husband, Paul Kyte, specialises in treating children. He works at Natureworks near Oxford Street (oh dear some shopping opportunities around visits!) and I have taken Sylvia twice. After the first visit Sylvia was very cranky for a few days and her cry really changed – the osteopath did warn us this would happen. After the second visit she seems to have calmed down and she has got better at settling in the evenings – see below. We will take her again after her hernia operation as osteopathy can help her get over this too.

– First Christmas party – the real nappy party. We went to the Nappy Ever After Christmas party and made some new friends. Obviously your social life changes somewhat when you have a baby – no longer all night drinking sessions but sitting drinking tea on a Sunday afternoon talking about nappies. Hey ho.

– First trip to the Aveda shop. I needed (yes really) some new shampoo etc so we all went to the Aveda shop. Sylvia very much enjoyed the cafe, as did Mike, and she is looking forward to using Aveda products when she is older.

– First visit to the homeopath. It is alternative therapy central at the moment. In order to help prepare Sylvia for her hernia operation I took her to a homeopath. However, me being me, I ended up talking a lot about myself during the session so the homeopath is now treating both of us.

– First visit to Hoxton. I took Sylvia on the bus to Hoxton for tea with Antonia. She (Sylvia that is) likes the bus as it is full of orange handles and she likes staring at colours. Looked very cool hanging out in Hoxton with her Hoxton fin hairstyle.

– First trip to the British Library. Well a bit of a cheat really as we have been to the outside cafe before, but this week we went indoors to meet with Sue and have a coffee (of course). Sylvia started to shout in the British Library but we were quickly told to be quiet!

– First 6.5 hour sleep. Whether it is the osteopath, weight gain, reaching three months or a combination of factors, but (we hardly dare say it) Sylvia seems to be settling better in the evenings and has done a couple of 6 hour plus stretches of sleep. Not exactly ‘through the night’ but a once a night wake up call we can all live with.

– First trip to a tapas restaurant (in the evening!). Sue, Mike, Johnny and I all went to Cigala tapas restaurant. Not quite a first as Sylvia had been there when she was one week old, but only in the daytime. She enjoyed the whole experience but was pretty wired when she came home so it took her a while to get to sleep.

– First Lambs Conduit Street festival. While I was at work, Mike looked after Sylvia and took her to the LCS winter festival. No hog roast this time for Sylvia but lots of lovely food and a sighting of Suggs from Madness, cool.

And of course, all the usual things – baby massage, smiling, drinking coffee with Mummy, baths with Daddy, more injections (Sylvia was less sleepy this time), visits to the clinic (she now weighs 11lb3oz, 5.1kg). She also had a second visit to City to meet my team and was very good when she was babysat by Sharon – keeping all the staff in Information Services and Libraries entertained with her smiles and cooing.

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