Flickr for my photos …

I’ve come against a problem recently … because I have so many photos I am exceeding the limit my hosting company sets on storage and bandwidth so … time for a change. From now on all photos will be stored on Flickr. I’ve had to upgrade to a pro account but it’s still cheaper than buying new storage/bandwidth. I will be gradually migrating all old photo albums to Flickr too.

Flickr is better in many ways … it integrates directly with iPhoto (using a plugin), supports geotagging, has a nice slideshow feature and WordPress (the software that runs this blog) has many plugins for integrating Flickr too. Having a Pro account means you can upload more than 100MB / month, have more than 3 sets of photos and display more than 200 from your archive.

So, the Month 8/9 blog for Sylvia will use Flickr.

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