iPhoto (not responding) … aaaargh1

Ok, so there’s 13,540 photos but this is a mac right and they just work right? iPhoto has been behaving really badly of late and it’s really starting to annoy me. Everytime I open it up these days it just gives me the spinning beachball of death.

I can’t find any solution to this, anyone out there know what I can do to fix this? I thought about taking some photos off but that defeats the point of the software surely – to archive my photos? No point messing about with CD’s and DVD’s is there when I’ve got a perfectly large hard drive?

2 thoughts on “iPhoto (not responding) … aaaargh1

  1. well, after a few updates (now version v 5.0.4 (263)) the problem seems to have disappeared for now. my iPhoto now has 15,500 items and although it takes about 30 seconds to open it seems to be behaving ok … I did notice that if you leave lots of rolls ‘open’ when you shutdown iPhoto then it takes a long time to re-open.

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