… long live linux!

Well, I am writing this on my newly installed computer running linux … Windows XP is NO MORE Ha Ha! I have got the Fedora Core 5 flavour of linux, once I had backed up my old stuff onto a Buffalo (the harddrive not the large mammal) it took only an hour to reformat my disk and install FC5 from some CD’s a friend had. There are 5 CD’s but you only need the first 2 as long as you go for the default installation.

Once that was done I simply had to setup a few things such as internet access and email but this was straightforward. I’m using Firefox for web browsing and Thunderbird for email (as before). I’ve also installed Wine – a Windows emulator which I hope to use to install Macromedia Studio MX (Fireworks and Dreamweaver).

I am now looking for a solution my long-running mess of contacts and diary info which have been spread across Thunderbird, Palm Desktop, iCal (on my Mac at home), my Visor palm and my Nokia 6680! What I want is a combined calendar and address book that I can synch with my Mac and my Palm … current contenders are JPilot and Gnome PIM although I am also looking at Sunbird for Thunderbird … hope to make progress on this soon.

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