Sylvia at 15 months

It seems like a long time since we updated Sylvia’s blog, though so far we’re not sure anyone noticed. However, there have been many developments in the last 3 months which are worthy of note, even if it’s just us that reads this thing. Since her birthday last September we have been on our first proper holiday together to Crete. We were supposed to visit Berlin too but a bout of RSV put paid to that … read on to find out about our first A&E experience.

First, apologies … my Mac has recently blown-up (well the hard disk anyway) and so I am unable to upload any new pics from this period. The last lot are from our holiday in Crete. We hired a villa near Chania in north-west Crete. The weather was beautiful and we spent our time visiting Knossos, walking the streets of Chania, lazing by the pool, visiting some lovely beaches and running down the Samaria Gorge (just Mike for that one). Our trip to Knossos was almost curtailed by a stray package on the motorway which bounced out of the back of a truck as we were following behind. Some good driving by Susie and we just managed to avoid a collision. The Cretans were very friendly and at one restuarant Sylvia was plucked from her chair by a doting waitress before we had time to protest.

Sylvia is now walking (just) but prefers to drop and crawl if there’s something worth going for like a biscuit. She has developed an almost unnatural passion for Igglepiggle (squeals loudly in his presence) and the In The Night Garden program, this is the only thing she is allowed to watch on telly. It is actually quite watchable and Derek Jacobi’s narration is compelling. We are fascinated by the story lines and general goings on … the Tombliboo’s trousers always fall down, the garden is patrolled by two sentient machines called the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk, Upsy Daisy has an inflatable skirt, Makka Pakka lives in a cave and probably has OCD, the Tittifers sing their song and whole thing is over. Makes Tellietubbies look crap.

Other Sylvia developments are her talking. She has a few ‘words’ now which are recognisable at least to us … mummy, daddy, baby, shoe, floor, bash, bath, bye, banana. She also knows where her hair is but cannot say it. Her eating is going well although we wish she’d get on and master the fork as eating porridge or mash potato with her hands is not ideal. Favourite foods at this time are broccoli, carrot, orange, cheese, raisins, banana, peas, baked beans and Mummy’s stupid little biscuits.

And so to the A&E experience. Here’s what I wrote on my Facebook blog:

Well, the last 24 hours has been fun … not. Little S has been incubating viral bronchiolitis it seems and decided to make it known to me late last night after a very unhappy day. So off we went to St Pancras to see emergency doc, who referred us to UCH A&E where although we were fast tracked we had to wait 6 (count ’em) hours in triage (along with the more usual and vociferous A&E victims) while they found a bed … somewhere.

Turns out we could have been sent out of London to Essex or Surrey for the nearest isolated bed (isolated because they don’t want spread of virus to other children in a ward). Luckily we ended up getting blue-lighted (un-neccesary but fun) across town at 5am to St Mary’s Paddington and the childrens ward in the QEII wing.

So there we have been languishing, S on oxygen, me on coffee brought by lovely visitors. Susie curtailed her fun in Berlin and arrived this afternoon. S much better today, eating and drinking but still feverish and on oxygen but otherwise well. We hope to be let home tomorrow.

And so after two days in hospital we are now back to normal. Apart from the long wait for a bed I was very impressed with the care we recieved, so many dedicated and hard-working people. S is fit and well and enjoying a week off nursery whilst we are suffering with the virus (RSV) ourselves. Roll on Christmas.

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  1. We love the updates!!
    Great to hear that Sylvia is much better and we hope you old folk get better soon (oh when you reach 35 you are ancient according to my pupils at school!).
    Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas, lots of love the Cayman crew xxxx

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