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IMG_0054.JPG OK, I know its been a long time since the last update. Three months is just too long. It’s too much to recall all that’s happened and encapsulate it in a few paragraphs.

From now on we have decided to write when the mood takes us so here is the first of our ad hoc blogs … all about Sylvia’s vocabulary.

We wrote a while back about the words she could say (or rather, the words we thought she could say) and now things are moving so fast we thought we’d capture it. So, at almost 20 months she can say the following words:

mummy, daddy, baby, grandma, people, theo, bobby, la la (yellow teletubby), piggle (Iggle Piggle), daisy, hello, bye, oh dear, oh no, thankyou, no (just nods vigorously for yes), poo, wee, ninish (finished – when she thinks she has eaten all she can), go, hair, eye, nose, chin, cheek, teeth, ear, knee, toes, hat, shoes, coat, bra, doggie, meow (cat), baa (sheep), giraffe, moo (cow), roar (lion – pulls scary face), bear, bird (points to sky), pider (spider – says this if you wiggle your fingers as if your hand is a spider), pitta (caterpilla – she loves the hungry caterpilla book), fish, turtle, (tortoises are also turtles apparently), neigh (horse), mole, twit-woo (owl of course!), duck, buggy, bubbles, bag, bash (when crashing her bike), spoon, book, story, balloon, bath, ball, door, flower, tree, swing, slide, snow, floor, chair, bin, car, bike, bus, lorry, taxi (screams taxiiiiiii!), neenar (upon seeing or hearing any emergency vehicle), plane, porridge, milk, apple, nana (banana), orange, pear, cheese (said ‘cheeeese’ like John Cleese on Monty Python’s cheese sketch), toast, tea, bee bee (for biscuit)

… that’s about 85 words we think, which is between 1-2% of her fully developed vocabulary according to some sources.

2 thoughts on “Sylvia’s vocabulary

  1. What a little wordsmith she is! Impressive word count. We like the fact that she can say Theo too! Shame that Theo only has half a dozen words in in repertoire; the newest being “par” coinciding with his recent car fetish!!

  2. Hey Bro and SiL,
    Cute as a button!! Sylvia’s hair is the envy of Alex’s Mum – soon come, as they say here in the caribbean! Alex’s repertoire is about half that of Sylvia – but 5 months means a whole lot of development at this time in their lives…..
    Check out the website for our update.
    Love and Kisses,

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