Christmas 2006

It is just past Sylvia’s 4th month so time for another blog. These will now appear monthly we hope, in the first week of each month. Christmas has been and gone and Sylvia received some lovely clothes and toys from her family and friends – Sylvia is writing her thankyou cards right now.

Sylvia has recovered well from her operation (see last blog) and now just has an almost invisible scar in one of her creases above her groin. During the last month she has been again to Paul at Natureworks for some cranial osteopathy (followed by Mummy who had a nice massage), had her third round of injections and her second visit to Hilary the homeopath.

In terms of her development Sylvia is now sleeping well in the night – normally getting at least 10 hours straight and a couple of naps during the day. She is making some lovely sounds especially when you get face-to-face contact like during nappy-changing. She goo’s and aah’s, laughs and also can make gurgling sounds (for want of a better description one of our books calls this ‘wet razzing’). She is turning her head from side to side through 180 degrees – in fact she can amuse herself for ages doing this – and is also starting to take an interest in things placed near her, grabbing them and fiddling with them. Her weight is now a little over 12 lbs and she is still following her growth curve. She currently has a bit of a cold which means she is making little snoring sounds when asleep – quite cute!

We stayed in London for Christmas which was a good move as the rest of the population seemed to be stranded by fog at Heathrow airport or crowded onto busy trains and motorways. On Christmas eve we went to our local church (Holy Redeemer on Exmouth Market) for midnight mass and carols – Sylvia stayed mostly asleep during the whole thing even when the procession in church passed her pram with bells ringing and incense wafting. We are not really religious but is was a lovely occasion with the church lit by candles and the smell of incense.

On Christmas day we got up late and Matt and Jules dropped by on their way to posh lunch at Pearl for a glass of bubbly. We had lunch while Sylvia slept which was perfect timing. Afterwards we went for a walk around a deserted Smithfield. On boxing day we walked to Trafalgar Squre to see the tree. Sylvia took her 2nd and 3rd forays across the river during the holiday too taking in lunch at the Tate Modern, a look at the slides (looks fun but no babies allowed) and photographic exhibitions at the Oxo Gallery (Colin O’Brien) and the Waldorf Hilton (Phil Conrad’s Full Moons).

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