Month 10

IMG_6834.JPG This month Sylvia is going to tell you about her typical week. We won’t make a habit of letting Sylvia write the blog, honest! But first, a few highlights … Sylvia now has 6 teeth, stands if she has something to hold on to but still no crawling (forwards anyway), is growing a lovely head of blonde fine hair and laughs at anything. She is slowly realising that at some point she is going to have to feed herself but continues to see toast as something to throw instead of eat.

IMG_6949.JPG Sunday
Phew, just got back from a weekend in Edinburgh with Jo-Anne, Liam, Amy and Ben. We went to the Deep Sea World where I loved looking at the fish in the underwater tunnel. I spent lots of time playing with Ben, he’s got loads of toy cars which I liked. I slept in a big travel cot for the first time.
IMG_6898.JPG Monday
Decide to wake up extra early as it’s the start of a new week. 4.30am and there’s not much going on even though it is very light outside. After a while mummy AND daddy come in to try and get me back to sleep but I want to play! Why are they so grumpy? Eventually go back to sleep for a bit and next thing I know mummy is waking me up again … time to go to nursery.
IMG_7021.JPG Tuesday
Today is just a half day at nursery. I get looked after by Lindsay who plays with me and gets my food for me. Today I had fish pie, peas and pear puree. Before lunch we did water play which I love and then after that I had cuddles and played at the activity centre. At lunch time daddy came to collect me and we spent the afternoon playing and when mummy came home we did a photo shoot for Grandma June’s birthday.
IMG_6835.JPG Wednesday
Another half day at nursery. I played with playdough and flour, messy but fun. Then I played in the activity entre and with the balls and hoops. Roast chicken and veg for dinner … yum! The reason I know all this is because I get a little report card each day to remind me!
IMG_6830.JPG Thursday
Another day at nursery, but it never gets boring. I like Maria (she’s in charge), Angelica, Lindsay and Jodee in fact everyone is lovely to me. My baby friends are Jake, Holly, Cameron er others too, can’t remember their names, I meet so many babies you see! There’s another room where I’ll go when I’m a bit older.
IMG_7035.JPG Friday
Hooray, my weekend starts here! Today is my day with mummy and her friend Emma visited with Amy. She is bigger than me and kept bashing me in the face with a frying pan but I didn’t mind. Later I went shopping with mummy and we bought lots of fruit for my dessert which I like whizzed up.
IMG_2706.JPG Saturday
Today we all had a lie in before getting up to go and have lunch with Howard, Melissa and Emily in Spitalfields. It was very rainy but we walked all the way back home … well, I was in my buggy which was all nice and cosy. When we got back mummy took me out while daddy had a sleep, because he was feeling poorly. Later on I had a nice bath with daddy and we played with my shapes which stick to the bath. I love my bath especially now I know how to splash!

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