Sylvia – Month 11

IMG_7170.JPG This month Sylvia has mostly been … wobbling around with her walker when she should be crawling, bum-shuffling, waving/pointing/reaching (not sure which), throwing her drink around, dropping various food items, bashing things together, loving peep-o, roaring (!), reading/eating books, throwing herself backwards and passing things back and forth. We have been to see Le Tour, some curious boxes at the Festival Hall and had a big family gathering for Alex’s christening.

IMG_7236.JPG Sylvia started the month with a recurrence of her ear infection which despite one antibiotic treatment returned in first her left, then her right ear with a yellow-ish waxy discharge. She didn’t seem too bothered by it but we took her to the paediatric clinic at UCLH at the recommendation of the doc. That was a fun couple of hours but we eventually saw a lovely doctor who took some swabs and prescribed more antibiotics. After some deliberation and consultation with our homeopath we decided to wait and see for a while before resorting to more drugs. Just as we were beginning to doubt our decision the ears miraculously cleared up and S is back to her normal jolly self. We did feel sorry for her though when she got a cold on top of it all and woke one morning with eyes stuck shut. Perhaps thinking it must still be night she promptly went back to sleep without a fuss and we had to wake her and release her eyes with cotton wool and warm water.

IMG_2728.JPG I spent my longest time away on fieldwork in Wales and I must say I missed little Sylvia (and Susie of course!). However, Susie had her mum down to help out and they all went to see Le Tour and had a fun sunny weekend out in London. The following weekend I was back we went to the King’s Cross County Show at Coram’s Fields and to see the new Festival Hall. Here we got caught in a tremendous thunder storm right over the Thames but enjoyed playing in the Appearing Rooms fountains and exploring the intriguing Operation Soapbox.

Grandma June came to visit the next week and we visited the fascinating Foundling Museum which tells the story of London’s first home for abandoned children. This must be one of London’s best museums and also has a fine collection of paintings and a room dedicated to Handel memorabilia including special armchairs with speakers set into them so you can immerse yourself in his music.

IMG_7342.JPG At the end of the month we all took off to Yorkshire to stay with Susie’s mum and attend the christening of Sylvia’s cousin Alexandra at All Saints’ in South Cave. Most of the family were there and we managed to get group photos of all the Hughes grand-children! The weather behaved and it was a lovely weekend with a garden party after the church service. We also had time for a trip to the farm shop and a bbq with Jo and her kids in Huntington.

Month 11 Gallery
Alexandra’s Christening
Festival Hall & Operation Soapbox

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