Month 7

Another busy month (when will they stop?) … Sylvia has found her voice (well, more of a screech), spent a week away from mummy, has visited opposite ends of England (Rye and the Lake District), been onboard the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, celebrated Greek easter and Mothering Sunday, climbed her first mountain, learnt to sit up and eaten lots of new things. She is also giggling lots and laughs at her own reflection.

Sylvia started the month with a snotty cold. During the first weekend of March the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise was visiting London and we went for a look around. On the Sunday we all went down to Rye for Susie’s birthday and had lovely sunny weather. Rye is a sweet little place, one of the Cinque Ports, lots of antiques and tea shops. We walked to Winchelsea beach past Camber castle and then got the bus back to town. We stayed at the newly refurbished The George in Rye which was very pleasant. Before going home we visited the 900 year old Rye Parish Church of St Mary. We left Sylvia locked in the vestry while we climbed the tower and got some great views across the surrounding countryside

The following week Sylvia was left to fend for herself whilst Susie went off to do a leadership course at the Cambridge Moller Centre. Actually she was looked after by Grandma Pat and me and we all got on fine except Susie who had some milk storage issues! We are all now being led in an exemplary manner.

Mothering Sunday, Susie’s first of course, was celebrated with handmade card, breakfast at Carluccio’s and a visit to east London to celebrate an early Greek easter with friends Anise, Nikos and baby Myrto. We had a lovely Greek lunch and lots of wine, a really lovely afternoon.

Visit Anise’s Greek Easter Gallery on Fickr

Just last weekend we took a train trip to Windermere and stayed at Ambleside for some mountain therapy. The weather was amazing, clear and sunny but windy. We hired a MacPac baby carrier from The Outdoor Family and on the first day went for a walk up the ridge to Snarker Pike and Raven Crag and then down to the pub at the Kirkstone Pass (nice pint of Hawksmoor) and back to Ambleside along the valley. We climbed up to 776m and total distance was about 12.5 km. Sylvia loved being in the carrier, slept some, but was generally alert and happy. The next day we did a similar distance but gentler walk along to Rydal Hall and Grasmere then back to Rydal Water.

Also this month, Sylvia was visited by uncle Dave and auntie Jules.

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