Month 8 – 9

IMG_2684.JPGIn the last two months Sylvia has started nursery, got lots of colds (we are hoping this will mean she will end up with a top notch immune system!), started saying ‘babababa’, ‘gagagagaga’ and ‘rarararara’, sprouted two fine teeth, likes eating breadsticks and playing with finger food, enjoys playing in her bouncer, can stand up with help but shows no interest in crawling, has been on lots more trains including several trips to Devon and the beach and has met her cousin Alexandra.

IMG_6812.JPG Sylvia has started at nursery and we now in a new routine. Susie drops her off and two days a week collects her at about 4, two days I collect her after a half day. At nursery she is making lots of baby (and adult!) friends and doing fun things like playing with paint, going to the park and trying new foods. Since starting there she has picked up many different kinds of cold and these she has passed selflessly to her parents! At least we can take her to nursery and then lie in bed suffering with these lovely viruses. She seems to really enjoy nursery despite crying and clinging to Mummy every time she is dropped off and crying again when she sees Susie in the evenings. However, she has dealt with all the colds and teething with good grace and not really complained at all so we are very lucky.

Just to confuse us Sylvia has also taken to rotating in her cot. Susie went in one morning to find Sylvia’s head where her feet should be, which made her do a double take and she thought that I must have turned her around in the night. But no, it is just part of Sylvia getting more mobile. However, she has grown a bit now and so seems to get stuck halfway round – much to her annoyance and disgust.

IMG_2689.JPG She can now sit up, which is fantastic, and opens up a whole new world of playing. She loves to stand and particularly likes standing up and bouncing in her new bouncer. She is also getting much more dextrous and reaching out to grab anything that comes near. Her treasure basket, full of household things like wooden spoons and an empty tissue box, is her favourite thing. She loves sitting by it and taking everything out, and discovering those things that she can bang together or rattle. She also loves fiddling with remote controls and computer keyboards – already a geek-in-the-making – and even has her own mobile phone (pink, of course).

Sylvia has continued her mission to travel on every train company in the UK before she is 1. Over the past few months she has been to Market Harborough, Edinburgh, York (twice), Devon (three times), Sawbridgeworth and Watford. Thumbs down to First Great Western – no baby change on some of their trains 🙁

IMG_2660.JPGWe’ve spent a lot of time with friends and family over the past two months as well as sitting in Coram’s fields in the sunshine with Theo and Henry, and finding out how exciting grass is. Sylvia met her new friend Emilia, at nine weeks, when she was over from France with her Mum and Dad, Ellie and Guillaume, and had a picnic in Coram’s fields. She also spent a night with her cousins Will and Katie and Auntie Marianne and Uncle Chris in Market Harborough. We played with Emma and Amy in Watford, and caught up with Howard, Mel, Emily, Gary, Anna, Lotte and Henry in Sawbridgeworth. She helped Grandma Pat celebrate her birthday and had a surprise visit from Uncle Paul (and of course, a trip to the curry house!). She had breakfast with Maia and Noemi.

9th - 22nd May UK trip 086 Sylvia also met her newest cousin, Alexandra, and spent time with the whole Hughes family in Devon, winning everyone over with her smiles and giggles – which is pretty much how she spends most of her time, smiling and laughing – we couldn’t ask for more!

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