Six months old today!

Today is Sylvia’s half birthday. She has done a lot this month including a trip to the south of France to top up her tan, a friends 1st birthday party and trips to Cambridge and Tenby. Developmentally she is eating stuff, anything she can get in her mouth actually. She is also giggling a bit (we have video evidence) and smiles at anything, especially Monsieur Lion from Nice!

A busy month for us all. We started weaning Sylvia a few weeks ago … she was having 1 small meal of pureed whatever in the evening. She has really taken to eating and is now on 2 or 3 meals a day. So far she has tried home-made apple, pear, sweet potato, carrot & parsnip in various mixtures. We’ve bought a few things for convenience – brands such as Plum Baby, Organix and Bout’chou (French) and also recently fromage frais (no additives). These have all gone down well and so far there’s nothing she really dislikes. We’ve tried baby rice but she didn’t seem to have any trouble going straight to real food so I think we’ve skipped that stage … feeding photos below …

My twin brother Dave and his family returned from New Zealand this month too and we went to meet them at their airport hotel along with Matt and Jules. It was amazing to see Ben who has grown up already into a proper little boy! Now I have Sylvia I really wish I’d spent more time with Ben when he was a baby. It was great to get together although they were all a bit jet-lagged. However, we foolishly decided to get to the their hotel via public transport and foot and at one point found ourselves wheeling the buggy along the airfield perimeter fence on a muddy verge in the rain with traffic and planes whizzing by … nice! Here are some photos from the evening.

Susie and Sylvia went down to visit Susie’s brother Paul and some of his family (who live in Connecticut) in their house in Tenby. This was Sylvia’s first trip to the beach and she enjoyed it, although it was a bit windy! She also had her own first experience of dining out when she had her ‘meals’ in various restaurants – quite messy but fun – and of first class train travel as Sylvia and Susie travelled back from Tenby in style. She was very well behaved during the whole trip – obviously enjoys luxury. Sylvia made real friends with her cousin Isobel who was an expert at bathing, holding, feeding and generally looking after Sylvia. We hope to see them again soon.

Next, we all went on a mini-break to Nice in the south of France. We flew with Easyjet – much more civilised than Ryanair as they let families board first without having to pay for the privilege! Sylvia was fine on the flight and we arrived in Nice on the afternoon of their annual carnival. The hotel (Novotel) was uninspiring and stuck in the middle of a traffic nightmare as Nice builds a new tram system. I spent the next few days exploring the old town and alleys and markets whilst Susie eased back into the world of work at the annual user group conference for Blackboard (e-learning software). We took Sylvia out two nights for dinner and she slept right through only waking up in the posh seafood restaurant (Boccaccio) to take a look at the amazing speckled eels swimming above our heads and have a cuddle with Linda. Nice was nice (ha ha) but felt quite grimy and was very noisy. Will be interesting to see the effect of the new tram on the traffic! A selection of photos below…

Other things we’ve done this month are a day-trip to Cambridge which was very busy, but found a good, baby-friendly cafe in a church (the Michaelhouse Centre), a trip to Eastbourne for Bobby’s 1st birthday party (see photo left), a visit to see Gary, Anne-katrin, Lotte and Henry in Wimbledon, a meal out at the fantastic Acorn House with friends Al, Liz and Henry and sunday lunch at the Eagle (London’s original gastro-pub in Farringdon) with Matt & Jules. Sylvia was also looked after by Grandma Pat for a couple of afternoons when Susie went to work. All went very well and Grandma Pat enjoyed trundling round with Sylvia in the buggy visiting various coffee-selling establishments with Liz and Henry.

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