Sylvia is 1

IMG_7892.JPG We have now graduated to the rank of ‘professional parent’. This happens when your first offspring reaches their 1st birthday but you also know this has happened because you don’t flinch at the prospect of a room full of other peoples babies (and their parents!). Other signs include always carrying an emergency banana (even into meetings at work), spending more time cleaning up after dinner than it took to prepare it and being able to carry out every household task with a baby on your hip (although only when absolutely essential).

We got together with one of Sylvia’s baby chums Theo for a joint party at our local community centre and were pleased to see lots of our family and friends, old and new, for food, music and softplay (not a fetish thing though sounds like it could be). Sylvia’s aunty Marianne made not one but two amazing cakes, Theo had a chocolate teddy bear, Sylvia a plain sponge lion. Thanks to everyone who came, we really enjoyed ourselves. A selection of photos below, just click one to go to the album.

IMG_7904.JPG IMG_7905.JPG IMG_7915.JPG IMG_7916.JPG IMG_7886.JPG IMG_7928.JPG IMG_7929.JPG

IMG_7535.JPG Also in this month we went to France with uncle Matt to see Grandad John and Val. Sylvia loved playing in the paddling pool and knawing on baguettes. She made lots of new friends, visited the market in Vic Fesensac and went swimming in a big pool for the first time.

Developmentally Sylvia is now crawling (like a demented robot), likes to pull up on things, walks with a pair of steadying fingers from a grown-up, feeds herself finger-foods (well, any food actually, oh the mess!), is still a nosey parker, loves leafing through magazines and books, is still obsessed with the tv and remote controls and now wriggles away when getting a nappy change.

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