Sylvia’s 5th month

Sylvia welcomed in the new year in York, but fortunately (for us!) did not wake up in the night to see it in. She started the new year with her third set of injections, which meant three jabs in her thighs. She was very brave and only screamed whilst in the room with the nurse. They didn’t seem to have much effect on her either, except making her a bit sleepy.

The big excitement of the month was flying to Andorra to visit Mike’s Dad and his wife, Val. We flew to Reus in Spain and then hired a car to drive up to Andorra. Sylvia was very good on the flight and didn’t seem bothered by the cabin pressure or sensation of flying. We didn’t have any problems at the airport except I had to taste my breast milk. Hmmmm.

Unfortunately when we got to Spain we had a bit of a stress with the car seat we had hired. Due to a few language problems we almost ended up without an infant seat for Sylvia but managed to sort it out in the end after Mike and the car rental rep ended up rummaging through a van load of car seats trying to find a rear facing one. Amusing in hindsight but I think next time we’ll probably end up taking our own.

The warm weather in Andorra meant that Sylvia didn’t get to experience real snow, that happened later in the month in London, but she did get to go for some good walks in the mountains. The photo on the left shows me carrying her in the baby bjorn up the road past Pal. We didn’t go all the way to Pic Alt de la Capa though!

Since Christmas we have been using the pushchair which makes getting out and about easier and Sylvia seems to quite like watching the world go by.

As well as her first trip by plane, Sylvia also took her first trip on a boat when we went on the Tate boat to the Tate Britain. Here she is in mummy’s firm grasp with St Pauls cathedral behind.

Sylvia’s seen a lot of her friends this month and made some new ones. She met Bobby and Carolyn for the first time, which was very exciting – so much so that they both passed out with the excitement – see photos! She also saw Maya and Noemi, a friend from antenatal classes, Ellen and Judith at Somerset House, Amy and Emma, Myrto (only 3 weeks old at the time!) and Anise as well as going out and about with Henry and Liz a lot. The cinema is a favourite outing – parent and baby screenings all over the place – the ones at the Barbican the current popular choice as they get your buggies out for you at the end.

We were all struck down with hideous cold-lurgy this month. Mike went to a very cold and snowy Stockholm for a work meeting and left germs with me and Sylvia. Fortunately we went up to York that week so Sylvia did a lot of bonding with Grandma (and was taken out and about to visit Grandma’s chums) whilst I recovered. We were finally well enough to do a bit of sightseeing in York though.

At the end of the month Sylvia had a check-up at Great Ormond Street where they were very happy with her progress. We now don’t have to go back again until November.

Sylvia seems to be changing by the day at the moment. During January she really found her voice – she is now the noisiest baby at baby massage, shouting and gurgling with pleasure or maybe just telling me to get on with it! She is very chatty and likes to tell you all about what she has been up to! She has also now completely mastered grabbing objects and putting them in her month, as well as taking swipes at coffee or other drinks I maybe drinking. Her facial expressions seems to have developed, although the wide-eyed startled look is still the default response to most things. She hasn’t rolled over yet but has been doing a lot of yoga-type poses (the crab one of her favourites). If you put her face down on your lap too she will try to wriggle off by kicking her legs.

She also particularly likes singing and so we are now going to singing classes each week. Amazingly when I start singing she smiles – well I think it is a smile and not a grimace of pain. Other new skills include blowing lots of bubbles and dribbling – we think teeth are on the way. Unfortunately a new development is also not to sleep through the night anymore 🙁 bit of a shame that as we had very quickly got used to unbroken sleep. We think that she is getting ready for weaning … see the special video blog

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