Week 7 – 8lbs and growing!

This week we have been amused by the range of sounds Sylvia makes. At times she is a car whose fan belt is slipping or a kettle whistling, at others a lamb baaing gently or a horse neighing (very realistic that one). In the early days she was a golden eagle making that lone cry they make while soaring, very haunting.

I went to work and S&S got up with me and went to Waitrose. It was a lovely day and so they came to meet me from work in Rusell Square. Tried a bit controlled crying that evening when we put S to bed.

Today Susie went to a meeting about plagiarism and I looked after Sylvia all on my own! At lunch time I just about managed to make a cheese sandwich before taking Sylvia out in the sling to baby massage at the Coram Parents Centre. This was fun, although I could have used a massage myself. Sylvia was making quite a noise and managed to pee all over me. Lots of other babies here – it is fascinating to see ‘other’ babies, you get so wrapped up in your own little one you forget that they come in all shapes and sizes! On the way home I stopped for coffee and cake at Tuttis, Sylvia was exhausted after massage and slept for 2 hours. Later that night she slept very well too.

Sylvia starting to get a bit fussy. S&S took a stroll over to John Lewis.

S&S went to the clinic today and Sylvia’s new vital statistics are 8lbs, 7oz (3.83 kg) and 53cm long but no 6 week check today – as she was early they will do this a bit later. Susie took Sylvia to Russell Square that afternoon to meet a friend for coffee.

We all went on a nursery visit this morning – checking out a potential place for Sylvia to go when Susie goes back to work. Coffee after on Exmouth Market. I tried to get some work done while Susie went out on her own but Sylvia had other ideas! Matt came over and we went out for a pint before making dinner.

Today we went to the Bloomsbury Festival. Sylvia was in her BabyBjörn carrier for the first time and didn’t seem to mind it to much. We started with breakfast at Carluccio’s followed by visits to some of the new shops. We were given free champagne and cake at baby Gap and Sylvia got a free teddy. There were performance artists mingling with the crowd and just a really lovely atmosphere. On Brunswick Square were stalls and a stage with live music. After lunch at home Iffat came to visit and we popped up the Dickens House museum for more free cake – they had an open house as part of the festival. Sylvia met Lucinda, great great great grandaughter of Charles Dickens!

In the evening we went to see the spectacular women-only, light, music and abseiling performance art group Scarabeus (you couldn’t make it up) but we had to abort our trip to the barbecue and so began ‘the night of much crying and not sleeping’ followed by ‘the night of the longest sleep’. It took us about 5 hours to settle Sylvia, there was lots of apparently inexplicable crying and whimpering which was all quite upsetting but she did eventually go to sleep and then believe it or not had her longest unassisted (i.e. not aided by jaundice or any mechanical rocking devices) sleep ever of 5½ hours!

Rain. We all got up late after a good nights sleep – Sylvia went back to sleep after a 6am feed. Bit of a domestic day for us all although S&S took time out in the afternoon for tea at the St Martins Lane hotel with Antonia. I stayed in and watched Tristram Shandy … good film for a rainy afternoon.

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