Week 3 – visits and muffins

OK, OK, so the daily blogs were getting a bit onerous and I am back at work now so, we are going to weekly blogs.

Got a reasonable nights sleep, Sylvia is sort of settling into a 3-4 hour sleep pattern at night. Back at work for me, was very weird not to be around S&S but also good in a way to get back to the ‘real life’. Later, Susie went on a mega expedition to Exmouth Market, post office, library and finally to Russell Square to meet me on the way home from work.

Today Susie and Sylvia went to Starbucks (evil coffee emporium) followed by the much vaunted breast feeding cafe at the Coram Family Parents Centre. Alas, some confusion and they ended up at baby massage but it all came good – Sylvia apparently enjoying having her legs rubbed in extra virgin olive oil (sounds like a recipe).

Todays busy schedule started with ‘Bounce and Rhyme’ at the library – Sylvia remained asleep whilst the other babies and mums sang ‘Hello Sylvia, hello Sylvia, hello Sylvia, how are you today?’. S&S then went to the clinic for weighing. Boris the bunny has escaped.

Susie and Sylvia went into Covent Garden (Baby Gap and Costa Coffee) whilst I collected Grandma June from Paddington. In the afternoon we went to the Brunswick and Corams Fields for an ice-cream in the very warm sunshine. Grandma June and grandaughter got to know each other.

Rainy today and I had to entertain Sylvia at 6am as she had been up for ages and mum was getting tired. Thank goodness for Teleport Replay, I watched an interesting documentary about doctors at Everest base camp whilst S fell asleep on my chest. Later we went up Lambs Conduit St for coffee and grandma June went home at 3pm. Then we all went to bed!

Deborah the midwife makes her final visit in the morning. I made lemon and ginger muffins from a recipe on the interweb. Worry worry as Sylvia develops a mystery rash which disappears later. Jules and Antonia visit.

Susie went for a haircut and we explored Islington. Everywhere was very busy so we ended up at the Almeida restaurant for coffee. We had lunch in Exmouth Market on the way home.

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