Week 4 – baby einstein arrives!

No major developments this week. Sylvia continues to get more alert during her play times and her temporary toilet strike has ended after three days! Grandma Pat stayed this week and three generations of Quinsee females went out and about in London.

Susie took Sylvia to the doctors to check out her rash and three-day poo strike which ended the night before. The rash was probably related to her temporary non-pooing but we will never know! Later Susie got a visit from the liaison midwife Alison McCrae to discuss her birth experience at UCLH. A coffee trip to Starbucks prompted a web search for pram-attachable cup-holders which we have now ordered and received – works nicely. Grandma Pat arrived in the afternoon.

The QF’s (Quinsee females, come on, keep up) went for coffee, baby massage and a picnic in Coram’s Fields. In the afternoon Annekatrin came for a cup of tea and a cuddle (with baby Sylvia of course!)

The QF’s ventured to Oxford St (M&P and JL). In the afternoon Sylvia was weighed at the clinic and she has passed her birth weight and is now 2.9kg.

Susie’s turn for the docs followed by a trip to Covent Garden and lunch at a new veggy restaurant Just Felafs. In the afternoon Susie was asked to talk at the ante-natal class and we all met for dinner at Pizza Express afterwards. Sylvia’s Baby Einstein baby gym arrived from Paul and Deb – it plays classical music!

The girls went for a manicure/pedicure at a salon Amadeus around the corner. Grandma Pat left after lunch.

I had to go to Hackney to sort out some business at the flats. Other than that, we did very little except eat sleep and watch telly! Actually, it rained and thundered lots so was nice to stay in.

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