Week 5 – 7lbs and counting!

This week Sylvia was officially registered. She almost smiled and continues to practise her tai-chi style exercises. Her facial expressions continue to amuse us, my favourite being the Hughes lip-snarl. Susie thought she was coping well without sleep until her friend Carolyn told Susie that she had left an ansaphone message on Carolyn’s machine saying ‘hi Susie its Carolyn’ ah. Then Susie wrote in an email that she was “sleep depraved”. So onto this week’s depravity.

Today we took Sylvia to Camden Town Hall to be registered. She must be registered within 42 days of birth and since Susie and I are not married this now makes me her official ‘dad’! Sylvia was not too impressed with this momentous occasion.

S&S went to baby massage. Later Mandy came to visit. And her M&P chest of drawers arrived so Mike was able to assemble it and Susie had much fun putting all her new clothes into it and organising it – as you can see we don’t get out much 😉

Grandma Pat came to visit in the morning briefly whilst the new cleaner was doing her stuff. Susie took Sylvia to the health centre for weighing. She is 3.25kg or 7lb 2oz! She is gaining weight normally and is on the growth curve for babies born in the 25th percentile (i.e. based on average birth weights 75% of babies are heavier than Sylvia at a given age). So no more health centre visits for 2 weeks – hurrah. This new weight prompted much discussion on S’s wardrobe and which clothes she could now fit into or not.

Today we decided to start on a stricter routine rather than the feed/sleep on demand thing we’ve been doing so far. We are using the Gina Ford book but not religiously. Mainly this is to try and get some structure to our nights so we can get some decent sleep! First day so far so good, waking and sleeping pretty much on target but….

Day 2 of the new routine and last night was not quite as planned! Sylvia awake every two hours – that wasn’t supposed to happen! Today Sylvia received a new toy from Emma, Martin and Joe … it is a little monkey on a drawstring that vibrates and tinkles when pulled. Sylvia loves it and Susie thought she detected something approaching a ‘first smile’ today … although it’s not the official ‘first smile’! Came across the rather bizarre Gina Ford / Mumsnet feud on the web today … check out the story here. Susie getting Sylvia started early on her professional career, taking her to a work meeting on Exmouth Market with Patrick. Matt and Jules came by and Sylvia was well-behaved whilst we had dinner.

Today we went on the 19 bus with the sling – two firsts in one go. All was well and Sylvia just slept in the sling, no problem. We met with Nigel, Ilana, Ashera (2) and Saskia (8 weeks) for coffee and had a lovely time. Afterwards we walked back through Islington and had an alfresco luch at Exmouth Market (chorizo sarnie from Brindisi stall, yum!). Routine still intact just about.

Had a good night despite the initial, and now usual, unsettled hours between 10pm-1am. Whatever we try and do Sylvia always seems to be awake and hungry during this time. After lunch Susie went out with Antonia for a few hours while Sylvia slept but it wasn’t long before she was awake and crying for milk! I had to take her in the pram for a walk and sure enough she fell asleep the moment we got on the pavement, whilst Susie cheered herself up with some new pram pushing friendly wedge shoes. Routine, ah well, what routine, it is Sunday after all.

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