Server Rack by Mr. Muskrat

So, new year, new blog. Well, new hosting provider and new theme anyway. I was kind of forced into it by the expiry of my rather expensive reseller package that I setup a few years ago when I went freelance. Hosting has come on and I now host with TSO Host – a British company based in exciting Slough. Their hosting plans are great and I now run both mine and Susie’s blogs off one account for £15/yr! I came across them when doing some work for an artist friend and moved her art portfolio to TSO whilst upgrading the blog at the same time. I even bought some responsive themes (2 for $50) from ThemeTrust to ensure our sites perform well on tablets and mobiles.


So, here we are. 2014. A new shiny theme. All my old blog posts are here somewhere - use the search box or whatever. Going forward, which is generally the best way to go, I'll be mostly using this site for photo-blogging with the occasional longer post.