sylvia doctor ballerina

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Sylvia is quite possibly the only combined doctor/ballerina in the country. Her specialism is ‘getting babies out’ involving some rather rudimentary surgery using a wooden spatula and pair of tweezers.

Finger tricks and yoghurt

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Sylvia is always making us giggle. Just now she managed to get her fingers into a funny tangle and I got a bit on video. Also, some footage of yoghurt eating, always funny how she opens her mouth so wide and enthusiastically! Can someone tell me why she can say ‘yo-yo’ but not ‘yoghurt’? Just […]

Summer is here!

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So, the ad hoc blogging is more ad hoc than even I imagined. Anyway, the Hughes/Quinsee household is only days away from a much-needed break in the US. We’ll spend a day or 2 in Connecticut for 4th July and then head off to Block Island with Paul, Deb and Isobel. We just had a […]

Sylvia’s vocabulary

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OK, I know its been a long time since the last update. Three months is just too long. It’s too much to recall all that’s happened and encapsulate it in a few paragraphs. From now on we have decided to write when the mood takes us so here is the first of our ad hoc […]

Sylvia at 18 months

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OK, so its actually 19 months right now but lets cast our minds back … not an easy thing to do with a rapidly developing toddler. Also, the Mac is back so there are photos. Sylvia rapidly got over her nasty chest infection and then of course both parents got it. However, we were all […]

Sylvia at 15 months

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It seems like a long time since we updated Sylvia’s blog, though so far we’re not sure anyone noticed. However, there have been many developments in the last 3 months which are worthy of note, even if it’s just us that reads this thing. Since her birthday last September we have been on our first […]

Sylvia is 1

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We have now graduated to the rank of ‘professional parent’. This happens when your first offspring reaches their 1st birthday but you also know this has happened because you don’t flinch at the prospect of a room full of other peoples babies (and their parents!). Other signs include always carrying an emergency banana (even into […]

Month 10

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This month Sylvia is going to tell you about her typical week. We won’t make a habit of letting Sylvia write the blog, honest! But first, a few highlights … Sylvia now has 6 teeth, stands if she has something to hold on to but still no crawling (forwards anyway), is growing a lovely head […]

Month 8 – 9

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In the last two months Sylvia has started nursery, got lots of colds (we are hoping this will mean she will end up with a top notch immune system!), started saying ‘babababa’, ‘gagagagaga’ and ‘rarararara’, sprouted two fine teeth, likes eating breadsticks and playing with finger food, enjoys playing in her bouncer, can stand up […]

Sylvia in her bouncer

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Sylvia loves her bouncer and is seen here combining bouncing and yelling! Just in case the video thing didn’t work try this URL at YouTube instead